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Dressing For YOU!

It's a daily statement I hear in the store - "I wish I was skinny" or "I wish I could wear boutique clothing". 

Here at WLB it's not about the size.  It's about the fit.  As women, we forget that those little letters or numbers telling us which category we fit into is reflective of what we should think about ourselves.  I'm just as guilty as anyone, but it's knowing what is your best asset and dressing to highlight it that can help you step out of that negative internal dialogue on appearance.

Here's a little insight - women who are extra small worry about fit just as much as my curvy ladies who are concerned about their mid-section or upper arms.  The lady you are comparing yourself to is actually dealing with her own internal thoughts on what she should be doing to make herself look better.

This week at WLB, I'll be highlighting some of the most common body types for women and how to style yourself at home to look even more beautiful.  Maybe that will help us begin to embrace our so-called "flaws" and start to feel gorgeous.




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