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Pear Shapes Unite!!! HOURGLASS HOTTIES Style Tips

I think first and foremost, "pear" shaped doesn't provide an accurate description of what this shape is, so I will from now on say hourglass hotties.  Because that's what you all are who share this rockin' female body type.

So now that you know what you body shape you are (recite hourglass hottie, hourglass hottie) here are some really great tips to highlight your best feature, your tiny waist and shoulders, and balance out your already naturally feminine bottom half.  Let's get started.
1.  The Upper Body is your best friend if you are part of this category.  Don't shy away from bright colors, big patterns and fabulous necklines.  Sweetheart, scoop and boat necks are ideal for your petite upper body.  If these necklines feature embellishments, like studded details, ruffles, or hardware, that is fantastic!  The key to working this shape is to DRAW THE EYE UP. You always want to highlight your waist and shoulders.
2. Length is key!  How long your shirt is can make or break a look for an hourglass hottie.  Not sure which length is the best for you?  Just remember to be either short (at the waist) or long (mid-thigh).  No in between for you. 
3. Fit! Fit! Fit!  I feel I say this a lot at the store, but the better it fits, the better it looks.  Form-fitting looks are ideal for the hourglass hottie because of that rockin' shoulder and waist.  So grab a top that seems closer to your frame and see tip 2 above for the right length and you will be set.
4.  Layer.  Hourglass hotties have the advantage of layering because you need to add a little volume to your upper body to balance out your lower half.  To avoid looking bulky, grab a belt to cinch in your small waist to bring out the hourglass look while wearing layers.
5.  Sleeves = Weight and that's a good thing!  Look for bell or wider sleeves, specifically sleeves that open up at the elbow.  If you add weight to your arms by including a wide sleeve, you make your hips and thighs look balanced and in proportion to your shoulders.
6. Pants - color & fit are specific.  Always, always, always go for darker washes in pants, especially denim.  It's the old rule of thumb, if it is a darker color, it automatically looks smaller, which is what hourglass hotties need in the lower half.  Plus, darker colors will automatically compliment any color top you wear. 
Fit in pants should stay within straight, flair or boot cut - I always tell my customers that if their pant is slightly wider than the width of their calf or ankle, attention is drawn from your mid-section.  Avoid skinnies or cigarette style.
BUT, the one thing I have to say for anyone with a wider bottom, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID, embellishments on your rear when wearing any kind of bottom.  You are drawing attention to your widest part, and unless you are rockin' a booty like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez, I doubt any woman really wants their bottom half to look wider.  Not rounder, not tighter, but wider.  Big difference. 
7.  Skirts - have some fun with your itty bitty waist ladies!  Throw on a knee or ankle length to highlight your legs and draw attention to your waist. 
8. Dresses are made for the hourglass hottie!!!  Look for dresses with tighter waists in a bunched or rouched style and a neckline (see tip #1) made for you.  Slightly cover up your shoulders with wider shoulder straps and you are immediately rocking the most feminine shape around - an hourglass!  Be sure to keep the bottom half of the dress in an A-line or tulip style skirt.
Those are my tips and tricks for my hourglass ladies.  If you have any questions, be sure to drop me a line at OR comment on Facebook!
Keep it stylin'!

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