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If you didn't get a chance to pick up The Paducah Sun for Style Tips by WLB's own Amanda King, here's the column for you digital readers :). 


Marlene Dietrich once said, “I dress for the image, not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.”  Be bold enough to create a style for yourself and make it yours alone.

Here are some tips to create a style that is all about YOU:

KNOW YOUR ASSETS - Dress to highlight your best features.  If you have a gorgeous waistline or a great pair of legs, it makes perfect sense to highlight the areas you love about yourself.  Remember, you are the one wearing the clothes, so if you are comfortable and feel confident, that’s half the battle.  Dress for the parts of your figure you love and you can never go wrong.

COLOR PALETTE- Color choices are a great way to express your image.  I personally love rich jewel tones and I will always be a fan of the always classic staple, black.  I incorporate these palettes together by allowing a rich color pop against a black legging or trouser.  If you aren’t a fan of colors and stick to neutrals there is nothing wrong about that choice either. Choose a colorful accessory and you can make a new look out of your standard favorites.

DON’T BE A SLAVE TO TRENDS - trends come and go constantly.  If you love a trend, but know you will never wear it the way you see on others, that’s okay.   A good habit to form is to look at trends overall and break them down into what works for you.  A great example is patterned leggings.  Not everyone is comfortable wearing these, but what makes them a trend is because of the boldness and ease of the piece itself.  So make it yours, use a patterned scarf or blouse for a look that is bold and easy but most importantly, yours.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY -  If you commit to a look and feel like a million dollars wearing it, then who really cares what anyone else thinks?  Rock it like the gorgeous person you are and heads will turn because they admire what you put out into the world - the reality of a strong person loving themselves and really digging their outfit.

If you have any questions about style please email me at  Your question could be answered by yours truly.


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