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Tunics - Dresses or Shirts?


Have you ever noticed designs can sometimes make it a little confusing as to whether or not an item of clothing you purchase should be dedicated to just one use?  The beauty of fashion is that you can have fun with pieces you love and showcase a different look by changing up your bottoms, accessories and outwear.

That being sad, sometimes a tunic is too short to be a dress.  Sometimes a dress seems too traditional and maybe wouldn't work as a shirt. Personally, I think you should have fun with it. 

If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug: @shopwhiteliliboutique), you saw this morning that I wore a gorgeous olive green shirt dress/tunic from my friends at Glam LA.  What you didn't see is that I paired it with dark navy skinnies and an ankle bootie.  It was chilly outside this morning and I really desperately wanted to have a fun look today, so I put my favorite style tip "Opposites Attract" to use.

Opposites Attract isn't just a great Paula Abdul tune.  It's a style rule you can use to make a look with two completely different FITS.  Got a flowy tunic?  Pair with a slim fit bottom to give the appearance of a slim bottom frame showcasing the flowy top.  Flowy Top+Slim Bottom = One Flattering Look.  The same rule applies with fabulous wide leg bottoms, anchor your silhouette with a slimmer fitted top and you will look perfect every time.

Now, when the weather is a little bit warmer, and my legs no longer appear to belong to a porcelain goddess, my fabulous tunic will become a dress.  Add a dress extender, or just own it with bare legs and a nude sandal (make those legs look longer!) and I'll be ready to take a simple tunic into the world of summer dresses.

Remember, style is making your look a reflection of who you are!  If you want to have fun with your pieces, go for it! 

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