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Off the Shoulder - Do It!!!

Off the Shoulder - Do It!!!

My girl Samantha Smith (from and I put our heads together to showcase how ANYONE can rock the look taking the trends by storm. Off the shoulder sounds intimidating, it may even make you hesitate and say one of the following:

"I could NEVER get away with that!" My response, "Says who?"

"I'm not thin enough, tall enough, too thin, too tall, too short..."  My response is, "Do you feel good in it because of how YOU fell or how someone else made you feel?"  If the answer is because of someone else's comments or attitudes, forget them and rock this look.  You do you, boo.  You do you.

Style is supposed to be the perfect combination of individuality, confidence and creativity.  Have a little fun with something unexpected this year.  Rock those shoulders proudly!!!

You know me, I can't ever just showcase 1 look, so I put together 3 looks featuring the Bandana Throwback Blouse.  Let me know which one is your favorite or which one inspired you!  Be sure to head over to Sam's blog to see how adorable her look is!

Not Your Average Day Look

 I think Samantha's look on her blog (click here if you haven't already checked out her post) is an easy look ANYONE can pull off for a day of errands or having fun with the girls.  Skinny jeans and your favorite sandal.  How much simpler can it get?  

This look is NOT just for the young college ladies, like the stylish Sam.  This is a look ANYONE can rock, just feel out your own comfort level.  Don't want an open back, go up a size or add a bandeau for extra coverage.  And before you even say it, this top will not show "back fat".  So that argument is now null and void. 


Elan Bandana Off the Shoulder Blouse

When I first played around with this concept, I immediately thought of my beautiful mother, Susie, back in the 70s rocking her bell bottoms and halter tops.  While this isn't a halter top, it does require some commitment and attitude to rock on its own, so here goes.  I grabbed a wide leg denim (from the GAP, an oldie but a goodie, seeing a pattern of clothes hoarding yet? ha!), some platform wedges (Calvin Klein) and the blouse.

I think this look would look so gorgeous with these earrings, this convertible necklace & long necklace, and of course you need arm candy with these fab bangles.



Elan Off the Shoulder Blouse and a Blazer

Who says you can't own your career in a stylish way?  I took this blouse (an unexpected choice, only because of the back tulip overlay), a black skinny pant from my office days (these are about 5-6 years old and are from either the Limited or GAP, the tag is cut out), the Cozy & Chic Blazer in White with Black Tuxedo neckline and a strappy pump.

With a look like this, its best to make a statement with one area for accessories.  For me, I think these convertible earrings looks amazing against the neckline and shoulder area of the jacket.  

This look can easily go from office to night out.  Simply lose the jacket, add a stiletto and a punchy clutch.  Pop on your favorite shade of red lipstick and have a blast.

This top is now on sale, so be sure to get yours before its GONE!!!

I hope these give you all some fun ideas and inspiration.  Share with your friends and as always, keep it stylish!


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