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Miss Me?

"I know this transformation is painful, but you're not falling apart; you're just falling into something different, with a new capacity to be beautiful."
-William C Hannan
I came across this quote and it literally stopped me in my tracks.  As some of you know, I made a big change recently and took a chance on myself and my business.  To say it was a big decision was certainly putting it mildly and it has been one of the toughest ones I have ever had to make peace with.  If I'm totally honest with you, I'm still working through it because "what if?" can creep in and make you wonder.   I know a lot about myself in ways I had never imagined at this point and some things I could have maybe avoided (ha!), but these lessons are providing me with the strength and tenacity to see through my dreams.  Things may not have been served up in a package that I would have chosen, but I am trusting all roads will lead to my next chapter.                
Change can be terrifying but if you allow yourself to be still, it can become a time of looking forward to the things you hope for.  However, there are other times when change appears out of nowhere and can bring you to your knees. Sometimes you can justify the lesson and other times you can't quite understand why change appeared in your world.  But as most things in life, you may not understand the reason, but you can find peace in knowing there is a definitive purpose.  I have experienced more than one type of change in the past couple of months, but the dust is slowly beginning to settle and I'm excited to share with all of you the NEW wlbstyle.com!!!   Here is a little bit of what my vision is for this brand, lifestyle and journey.
Simple & streamlined.  I hope #WLBSTYLE will become a part of your style story - whether you need outfit inspiration, want to know what new looks I am loving or just want to hang out, I hope you stop by.                                                                                                                               
#OOTD.  This collection will host all of my favorite looks of the day, along with some fun style series that I have in the works.   This will also be an area where I will showcase "Style Stories" inspired by some of my favorite style icons and films.                                                                                                
#MUSTHAVES.  These are pieces I know will make your style story a happy one!                    
My approach to style, plans and more will all live in this area of the site.  I will be discussing products available here and from other stores to show you different ways of styling your looks.  I will be continuing my "Weekly Style Tips" series as well, but instead of sticking with just fashion, I will be including style tips for all facets of life - food, health, life, home and anything else I feel is useful and worth sharing.                                                                                  
So here's to the beginning of this journey.  Thank you for coming along with me.  We will have so much fun, I promise!


One of my favorite times of the year is when the red carpet rolls out, the cameras flash and some of our most beloved actors and actresses pose in some of the most beautiful and sometimes surprising looks for awards season.

Last night's Oscars did not disappoint.  From classic silhouettes to interesting cut outs, the red carpet did not disappoint.  Here are some of my favorite looks from last night and a few wild cards that made me smile and say, "Kuddos!".



-Jennifer Lawrence.  Her Dior Haute Couture dress with a lingerie inspired design and Chopard jewels looked effortless and romantic. 

-Cate Blanchett has always been a style risk taker, so it was so fun to see her in such a delicate and feminine piece last night.  Her Armani Prive dress was absolutely stunning.

-Naomi Watts had such a fun look last night.  The rich blues and purples were so perfectly highlighted against her porcelain skin and blonde hair.  But then again, how can you not stand out when you are wearing Armani Prive.


-Amy Poehler is my all time favorite #girlboss and she managed to make it even better with this intricate design by Andrew GN in an unexpected silhouette.  LOVE!

The men didn't disappoint either.  However, I think we can all sum up last night's event with one actor who finally won an Oscar and wore a tux like a boss.  Our man, Leonardo DiCaprio.  Enjoy ladies :)  And yes, I included a picture with Kate Winslet because I secretly want them to live happily ever after together.  :)

Til next time


Tunics - Dresses or Shirts?


Have you ever noticed designs can sometimes make it a little confusing as to whether or not an item of clothing you purchase should be dedicated to just one use?  The beauty of fashion is that you can have fun with pieces you love and showcase a different look by changing up your bottoms, accessories and outwear.

That being sad, sometimes a tunic is too short to be a dress.  Sometimes a dress seems too traditional and maybe wouldn't work as a shirt. Personally, I think you should have fun with it. 

If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug: @shopwhiteliliboutique), you saw this morning that I wore a gorgeous olive green shirt dress/tunic from my friends at Glam LA.  What you didn't see is that I paired it with dark navy skinnies and an ankle bootie.  It was chilly outside this morning and I really desperately wanted to have a fun look today, so I put my favorite style tip "Opposites Attract" to use.

Opposites Attract isn't just a great Paula Abdul tune.  It's a style rule you can use to make a look with two completely different FITS.  Got a flowy tunic?  Pair with a slim fit bottom to give the appearance of a slim bottom frame showcasing the flowy top.  Flowy Top+Slim Bottom = One Flattering Look.  The same rule applies with fabulous wide leg bottoms, anchor your silhouette with a slimmer fitted top and you will look perfect every time.

Now, when the weather is a little bit warmer, and my legs no longer appear to belong to a porcelain goddess, my fabulous tunic will become a dress.  Add a dress extender, or just own it with bare legs and a nude sandal (make those legs look longer!) and I'll be ready to take a simple tunic into the world of summer dresses.

Remember, style is making your look a reflection of who you are!  If you want to have fun with your pieces, go for it! 

Til Next Time,