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New Beginnings

Life can change very quickly.  I have always wondered if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but no matter what, it is something we all have to become accustomed to.  Today a BIG change is happening and I think its going to be okay. 

At 5pm today, I am closing the 704 E 5th Street to bring what I believe is a growth opportunity for myself and WLB Style to fruition.  There have been loads of support and some negativity with this decision, but this move I truly believe is divinely guided, and I'm making a move towards something I know in my heart is right for me, my talents and my brand.  I know its going to be a change for everyone, but I promise you, it will be worth it.

Broadening horizons isn't a bad thing - its something we should all be open to.  There is a huge world outside of this area, and I know I can bring a lot to the table through my website, style blog and video series.  I hope you support this as a customer, fan or just someone who has enjoyed watching the store from afar, and I know it isn't easy.  But then again, what worth anything in this life is?

My website will be taking a brief hiatus as I switch over to a new format to bring to life a style blog and website where you can purchase items you love.  My goal with the style blog is to show you as a reader how much fun fashion is and how it doesn't matter what you do with it, its how you own it.  I hope I can become a weekly reminder of how amazing you truly are and style is an extension of that. 

My weekly video series will also continue and I will be bringing style tips and tricks from all facets of life to you through WLB's YouTube Channel (check out my videos here).  I will also be setting up pop up shops in the area and hosting style trunk shows - because let's face it, no one can get rid of me.

Thank you to everyone who has made these past 3 years some of the most educational, fulfilling and exciting years of my life.  Here's to many more together. 

Love -




One of my favorite times of the year is when the red carpet rolls out, the cameras flash and some of our most beloved actors and actresses pose in some of the most beautiful and sometimes surprising looks for awards season.

Last night's Oscars did not disappoint.  From classic silhouettes to interesting cut outs, the red carpet did not disappoint.  Here are some of my favorite looks from last night and a few wild cards that made me smile and say, "Kuddos!".



-Jennifer Lawrence.  Her Dior Haute Couture dress with a lingerie inspired design and Chopard jewels looked effortless and romantic. 

-Cate Blanchett has always been a style risk taker, so it was so fun to see her in such a delicate and feminine piece last night.  Her Armani Prive dress was absolutely stunning.

-Naomi Watts had such a fun look last night.  The rich blues and purples were so perfectly highlighted against her porcelain skin and blonde hair.  But then again, how can you not stand out when you are wearing Armani Prive.


-Amy Poehler is my all time favorite #girlboss and she managed to make it even better with this intricate design by Andrew GN in an unexpected silhouette.  LOVE!

The men didn't disappoint either.  However, I think we can all sum up last night's event with one actor who finally won an Oscar and wore a tux like a boss.  Our man, Leonardo DiCaprio.  Enjoy ladies :)  And yes, I included a picture with Kate Winslet because I secretly want them to live happily ever after together.  :)

Til next time


#WLBSTYLETIP - Quick Tip to Find Pants that Fit

So I have learned a few tried and true quick fixes, dupes and tips over the years, but this one in particular is the BEST ever!!!

Ever been in the mood to shop, but not in the mood to actually try on?  It's okay, we all do it.  That's inevitably the moment you see a beautiful pair of jeans or slacks that are calling your name, but the thought of dragging yourself through another dressing room experience makes you cringe.  I have you covered.  Check out this quick video on how to see if a pair of pants will fit your waist by using your neck. 

You read that right.  Your neck.


Now, here are a couple of things to make note of before you head out to the stores and start wrapping pants around your neck:

1. Know YOUR Body. If you can tell by looking at a slimmer fitting pant that the legs aren't going to fit your shape, no worries, that's not the pant for you.  It may fit your waist great, but if the leg doesn't look right on the hanger, chances are it's not going to highlight you in the best way possible.  Find a boot cut or straight leg.

2. Pay attention to RISE.  Low, mid or high rises are still in the game.  If you want a regular fit (you know, where your underwear doesn't peek out whenever you sit down or bend over), look for mid to high rises.  Then put the neck wrap to its test with the waist of the pant.

3. Nothing is FOOLPROOF.  While I have tested this on MANY, MANY clients, it is important that you realize sometimes a pant may pass the neck wrap test, but when you get it home, its just not for you.  That's okay.  It happens.  But if you are only worried about the WAISTLINE of a pair of jeans or slacks, this is the tried and true method for you.


Til next time!
Love, Amanda