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Celebrating Mamas

Mother's Day is upon us.  Is it me or has this year flown by already?  It seems like a couple of weeks ago there was still the after Christmas exhaustion and now its all sun (loving btw), flowers and of course, celebration of all things mama.

It's a daunting task to give Mom something that shows her your appreciation for all she does from childhood to now.  Here are a few of my favorite pretties that will bring a smile to her face and make you kid of the year.

Allure Pearls has been a gorgeous line of hand crafted, local artisan based jewelry featuring Greek leather and authentic freshwater pearls.  Each piece is hand made, which means no piece is exactly a like.  Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and ankle bracelets all made locally and all a perfect way to show Mom how unique she is!!!.  Check out the collection here 
Lenny & Eva has always been a brilliant choice to put your feelings into words for special occasions.  Their sentiments are heart warming and inspirational and this year, they married these two design qualities by creating custom pieces for Mom.  Our cuffs are sold out (I know, I know), but the Mother Wrap with one-of-a-kind Mother's Day Charm and bookmark are still available.   Get these while they last here!!!
Of course, when in doubt, you can ALWAYS give the gift of SHOP WLB.  Gift cards get a bad wrap sometimes, but if your Mom is anything like mine or thousands of others, she doesn't put herself first.  Give her a SHOP WLB gift card and encourage her to treat herself!
Say thanks this year in a BIG WAY....we ship, we wrap and we strive to make any occasion the most spectacular!!
Love, Amanda


One of the perks of my owning SHOP WLB is that I can experiment with different looks and tap into parts of my own style I hadn't experienced before.  That's the beauty of style, isn't it?  We can become someone else entirely, or continue to develop a signature look with pieces we love.

Today I felt a little boho by way of the 70s.  It must have been all of those Coachella pics I saw over the last couple of weeks.  Since I'm in the Midwest, this look is my tribute to those festival rockers.  Since cut offs and midriffs are probably not the best look for me while I'm working (hey, if you can, go for it!), this is my own way of looking professional, stylish and festival inspired.


Hat - Wool Hat in tan with black removable ribbon.  Found here: http://www.shoptiques.com/products/wool-hat-2

Liverpool Denim Jacket - ladies, invest in a solid denim jacket!!!  While this one sold out fast, you can look anywhere for this piece.  Colors, patterns, textured dyes - these all create a denim look that is YOU!

Tunic - is it gray or sky blue?  Well, that depends on the color palette.  If I pair this tunic with black, the gray comes through.  Pair with browns and a little icy blue begins to emerge.  Love when that happens!

Khaki Jeggings - army green is a great look for Spring and Summer!  These are my favorite Liverpool brand, and have been in my closet now for 3 seasons.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

Jewelry subtle but with a punch of fun - Three horseshoe shaped pendants with grey stone and tassel, all offset by gold. 

Aid Through Trade Roll On bracelets and my trusty Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch.

Don't forget the RED LIP!!!

Hope this inspires a new look for you all!

Tunics - Dresses or Shirts?


Have you ever noticed designs can sometimes make it a little confusing as to whether or not an item of clothing you purchase should be dedicated to just one use?  The beauty of fashion is that you can have fun with pieces you love and showcase a different look by changing up your bottoms, accessories and outwear.

That being sad, sometimes a tunic is too short to be a dress.  Sometimes a dress seems too traditional and maybe wouldn't work as a shirt. Personally, I think you should have fun with it. 

If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug: @shopwhiteliliboutique), you saw this morning that I wore a gorgeous olive green shirt dress/tunic from my friends at Glam LA.  What you didn't see is that I paired it with dark navy skinnies and an ankle bootie.  It was chilly outside this morning and I really desperately wanted to have a fun look today, so I put my favorite style tip "Opposites Attract" to use.

Opposites Attract isn't just a great Paula Abdul tune.  It's a style rule you can use to make a look with two completely different FITS.  Got a flowy tunic?  Pair with a slim fit bottom to give the appearance of a slim bottom frame showcasing the flowy top.  Flowy Top+Slim Bottom = One Flattering Look.  The same rule applies with fabulous wide leg bottoms, anchor your silhouette with a slimmer fitted top and you will look perfect every time.

Now, when the weather is a little bit warmer, and my legs no longer appear to belong to a porcelain goddess, my fabulous tunic will become a dress.  Add a dress extender, or just own it with bare legs and a nude sandal (make those legs look longer!) and I'll be ready to take a simple tunic into the world of summer dresses.

Remember, style is making your look a reflection of who you are!  If you want to have fun with your pieces, go for it! 

Til Next Time,